Acoustic Boards


Fulfils the strictest requirements for noise reduction 

Modern architecture makes increasing use of materials such as glass, steel and stone. The hard, closed surfaces reflect sound and contribute to an uncomfortable increase in the underlying noise level. Our Acoustic Lightboard product helps to counteract this.

Special properties for perfect acoustics 

Acoustic Lightboard is up to 70% lighter when compared with conventional acoustic panels.


Provides excellent noise reduction at all frequencies by means of our optimised honeycomb technology.

Up to 320,000 holes per square metre provide comfortable acoustics anywhere, from offices to large auditoriums.

Classified as DIN 13501-1, SBI-test method in accordance with DIN EN 13823 and ASTM E 84 (USA).

Structure of the product

All laminates and veneers can be high-precision perforated with diameters from 0.3 to 1.5 mm. Acoustic Lightboard panels can be perforated with different hole sizes and patterns on the front and back.

Laminate or veneer with a hole pattern on the front
Border without perforations in the desired width
Fine-meshed honeycomb structure with rigid frame design
Black acoustic fleece
Back surface with hole pattern


Diameter: 0.3 to 1.5 mm
Front and back: Different hole patterns
According to the type of micro-perforation, elements can also be supplied with a pre-defined unperforated border.

Technical Data

Height/length: Max. 4000 mm
Breadth: Max. 1250 mm

Standard thickness: 19 and 16 mm laminate or veneer surfaces, other thicknesses on request.

Honeycomb thickness: 15 and 18 mm, other thicknesses on request.

Frame: Standard 25 mm wide, doors for furniture with 50 mm inset frames for fittings.

Cover layer: Veneer 2 mm (0.5 mm veneer and 1.5 mm HDF), laminate 0.8 mm.

Standard hole patterns: Please see the picture under Micro-perforation.

Border: All Acoustic Lightboard elements can be supplied according to requirements with an unperforated border (except perforations MR050250 V and Random 1.0)


Edges: 0.6 mm, 1 mm or 2 mm polished veneer edges or ABS/ PP edgings. Groove-and-tongue cut edges can be supplied.

Surfaces: Choose between polishing and surface treatment with two-component matt PUR lacquer, staining or toned lacquers.

Materials: Also available as FSC® and/or PEFC™ certified products.