Compact laminates

Compact laminates

In partnership with several major European manufacturers, Merton A/S offers a very wide range of compact laminates. A wealth of exciting applications makes this product extremely popular and provides our customers with every opportunity to exploit the strength and other properties of this material. Compact laminates can be used, for example, in hotel, office and store interiors, and in many kinds of public and private buildings.


We supply compact laminates in thicknesses from 1-40 mm.
Standard sizes are 2,800 x 2,040 mm, 2,800 x 2,070 mm, 2,800 x 1,300 mm and 3,050 x 1,300 mm.
Furthermore, we can produce compact laminates in sizes 5,580 x 2,040 and offer to cut to size.
As standard compact laminates are supplied with brown orblack core material.
Compact laminates with white core material are available in thicknesses 2-15 mm and can be supplied in size 2,800 x 2,070 mm.

We also offer compact laminates with multi-coloured core material to create particularly striking designs.

Compact laminates are also available in fire-retardant quality with IMO certification and for outdoor use.

Furthermore Merton A/S can supply compact laminates in customized sizes.

If you require different sizes or thicknesses, contact Merton A/S to learn how we can help you.