Relief Latho Components

Merton introduces smart new relief patterns.

Latho components are wooden panels consisting of core material covered either with veneer or laminate.
Core material: Primarily MDF – other cores can be used on request, e.g. standard, damp-resistant or fire-resistant chipboard or plywood.
Thicknesses available: From 1.2 mm to 50 mm; other thicknesses are available on request.
The maximum format is 2570 x 1300 mm, while the ideal production format is 2440 x 1220 mm.
Special techniques are used to press the surface to form different structures, each of which produces a distinctive surface.

All core panels are E1 certified according to European standards.
The plywood used can range from 0.6 mm to 2 mm, in both natural and synthetic plywood, depending on the customer’s requirements.
Laminates are 0.2 mm thick, both in the primed version (ready to paint), in a single colour or as wood décor.

The panels can be supplied untreated, formatted, edged, polished or fully lacquered.
The adhesive used is certified according to European standards.
Latho components can be made to suit customer wishes, with a choice of patterns, cores, surfaces and finishes.

For more inspiration, click the link on the right and look in the Latho brochure.