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Sun Wood panels - appealing - unique - special

Have you ever heard of fragrant wall panels? Read more here.   Læs mere



Natural wood and unique design

Are you into "old-fashioned" materials with a touch of modern design? Check out our Relief Design Walls!   Læs mere



Profile magazine is ready for you!

14.12.16. Merton has released a new magazine which we are very proud of and would like to share with you. At Merton, we understand what you are talking about. Whether it is boards, surfaces, finished components, design products or new ideas - read more here - and please let us hear from you.You are welcome to call, write, visit us in our beautiful showroom   Læs mere



Merton introduces smart new relief patterns

18.10.2016 Bring new life to your surfaces, attracting curiosity and admiration – choose Latho relie...   Læs mere