The history of Merton

"Merton Import & Agentur" was founded in 1987. Even in the early days, our business philosophy was based on the need to be service-minded and to act as a professional link between highly competent German suppliers and notable Danish industrial companies. From its infancy, Merton guaranteed trouble-free trading and innovative partnership
in an international context.

Organic growth

Today most of our suppliers are still German-speaking and we have customers in every corner of Scandinavia. The company developed fast after it was became a public limited company in 1991. The company moved to its present address in Silkeborg in 2005.

Wide range

In 2009 the company was taken over by five employees who have maintained its focus on quality products, reliable service and good professional guidance. Over the years, Merton has developed a broad product portfolio that today consists of raw or melamine faced boards, components, laminates, veneered panels, lightweight boards, various design products and all possible and impossible forms of creative surfaces.

Attentiveness, enthusiasm and energy

Our company has grown rapidly but we are pleased to note that our company's spirit and quality have grown with us. Our staff remain loyal to the company's values and principles, which have not changed much down the years: Our staff of continues to beam attentiveness, enthusiasm and energy.