Stone effect panels

In partnership with the Spanish manufacturer, Panespol, Merton A/S offers many exciting and rustic stone effect panels. We offer a wide range of surfaces and structures. Excellent opportunities for unfolding creative ideas! 

Panespol stone effect panels are made in polyurethane with a specially treated surface. The panels are very lightweight and strong, which makes the product suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.
Panespol is an organic product. It has excellent sound insulating properties too. The core material is waterproof.

The Panespol panel surface is B1 certified. The product is durable and harmless to human beings. It is resistant to salt water, acids and industrial gases.
The panels are quick and easy to fit. Most panels require the use of different kinds of colour pigment and filler. No special tools are required and fitting is a one-man job.
Panel sizes may vary. In most cases, a panel covers 0.85-0.95 m². Special sizes are available on request.

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