Relief Design Walls

Relief Design Walls

The oldest material – in the latest design

Exclusive interior with Reliefwalls 3D wood panels

Reliefwalls 3D wall panels are made of natural wood, with irregular surfaces. They form a unique, modern three-dimensional wall, adding a relaxed atmosphere of comfort to the room. The beautiful effect is created by the broken relief pattern, in which each little section of wood is unique. Assembling the panels on a surface creates an exclusive mosaic in a very individual, natural design.
The uneven surface of Reliefwalls panels also has an acoustic effect – they absorb sound and reduce noise in the room.

Reliefwalls panels are available
- in different patterns: Square or rectangular
- wood species – oak, birch, light and dark ash
- with varnished or painted surface finishes
Only environment-friendly materials are used to make Reliefwalls wood panels.

Reliefwalls wood panels are quick and easy to fit, using either screws or assembly adhesive.
The size of each panel is approx. 600 x 400 mm with a thickness of 6-30 mm, and the solid wooden pieces are glued to a core of birch plywood.
The joints on all four sides of the panel ensure a precise fit with the other panels, and stable attachment to the wall.

For more inspiration, click the link on the right and look in the Relief Design Walls brochure.