Organoid laminates

The distinguishing feature of Organoid® Decorative Coatings is that they are natural and genuine. They give a refreshing sensation of natural raw materials through all the senses, since the surfaces are untreated, and thus even the scent is preserved.

Organoid uses only natural, authentic raw materials that are not used in conventional production methods. At the factory in the Tyrol – in the heart of the Alps – everyone is conscious of organic and sustainable production. This starts with the use of 100% green electricity and finishes with biological binding agents with no biocides, plasticisers or solvents.

Technical data:
Coating thickness – depending on the material 0.05 – 3.5 mm
Core material – 1.1 mm laminate (EN 438); fire resistant in accordance with standard EN 13501.
Format - 3050 x 1300 mm
Surface: without extra coating and only for indoor use

Organoid laminates are the only suppliers of surfaces with scents. Organoid only uses natural, authentic materials.

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