Flexible lightweight alu. profiles

In partnership with MDT Flexible Products, Merton A/S offers PreBeam® flexible aluminium profiles, which are extremely strong and stable.

PreBeams® are the best solution for making large, lightweight, curved constructions. The possibilities are many. This product can be used in all kinds of interior design projects, including canopies, decorative roof constructions, creative set design and stage wings.

The PreBeam® profile is available in standard size 56 x 30 x 2,950 mm.
BeamLine™ is available in format 50 x 28 mm and lengths of up to 3,000 mm.

In addition to supplying profiles, we also offer semi-manufactured goods and ready-to-fit finished products.

In partnership with MDT Flexible Products, we also offer Silent Shape acoustic ceiling panels, which can be shaped to meet individual customer requirements. The panels are available in many colours or with print.

Contact Merton A/S to learn how we can help you. We are ready to discuss any ideas you may have and we can help you to realise them.

See also instructional videos:
Video 1: (1:42 min.) Making of freeform-shape with PreBeam

Video 2: (1:21 min.)   Copy of existing shape with PreBeam
Video 3: (1:24 min.)   Rapid manufacture in series
Video 4: (1:31 min.)   Shaping of double-profiles
Video 5: (1:56 min.)  Use of PreBeam-profiles for curved panels
Video 6: (2:40 min.)   Rapid copy of curved panels in small series
Video 7: (1:36 min.)   Various connecting methods