Composite boards

In partnership with our new German supplier and partner, Rosskopf + Partner AG, we can now offer you a range of three exclusive surface materials.

The materials and their applications are briefly presented below:

Mineral material

This material opens up an endless array of fantastic new opportunities: A seemingly gap-free, homogeneous polished surface, stunning light effects and, above all, almost unlimited flexibility make this product one that every creative architect would dream of working with.

Aesthetic properties
- 3D design opportunities
- Gap-free joints and endless surfaces
- Transparency

Rosskopf + Partner AG polish the mineral material at plant in Hennersdorf and Schlotheim in Germany. The company draws on centuries-old craftsmanship and the result is outstanding quality which is sure to astound you.




Quartz stone

Where natural stone materials fail to make the grade, quartz stone is increasingly becoming the material of choice. Quartz stone is available in an impressively wide spectrum of colours, ranging from natural stone to trendy fashion colours. The surface is always hard as stone, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean, hygienic and, not least, a gleaming feature in any interior.

Aesthetic properties
- Elegant high-gloss surface
- Pigmentation accuracy (impossible with natural stone)

The methods used in working with quartz stone are very similar to working with natural stone. Rosskopf + Partner AG process the quartz stone with industrial precision and based on specialist engineers' construction know-how and expertise. The result is a series of obvious benefits: from rational standard dimensions to an environment-friendly, accurately planned manufacturing process, where the results are top-quality, perfect surfaces every time.


Selatec® porcelain ceramic

Dette materiale er et mesterværk af moderne ingeniørkunst: Porcelænskeramik er et særdeles hårdt materiale, som derfor er optimalt til anvendelse på steder, hvor det dagligt går hårdt for sig. Arkitekter elsker materialets robusthed og ikke mindst den smukke matte overflade og den behagelige fornemmelse ved berøring.

Æstetiske egenskaber
- Højkomprimeret, homogen overflade
- Yderst behagelig fornemmelse ved berøring

Mange designs ser simpelthen bare mere rigtige ud med en mat overflade end med højglans. På grund af porcelænskeramikoverfladens ekstreme hårdhed og den deraf følgende ridsefasthed ser overfladen også efter mange års brug lige så fin ud som den første dag.