High fire protection and light-weight
… when it matters!

The new RiBoard® panel consists of a light-weight mineral-fiber core and
two high-density cover sheets which provide a high level of fire rating.
With only 480 kg/m3 volume weight RiBoard® is an ideal light-weight panel
for interior applications. In addition RiBoard® is sustainable and ecologically
The RiBoard® surface panel is un-treated and can be custom designed to
your needs: Specific custom decors (i.e. wood) can be perfectly re-produced
in a variety of designs. In addition, the RiBoard® surface has a high colour
consistency and stability for years to come. Panels for project additions
down the road will have the same identical appearance. The RiBoard® panels
can be easily processed and installed at the interior work site. The exposed
edges can be banded without any pre-treatment.

Light volume-weight
Just 480 kg/m³ - a weight saving of more
than 60% compared with standard gypsum fibreboards

Fire protection classification A2-s1-d0
(Flammability according to DIN EN 13501-1)

Additional advantages and product features:
• Mineral-based: mineral fibreboard, sustainable and ecological
• UV-resistant: no colour fluctuations due to the direct printing process. Long lasting colour stability.
• Easy to install
• Dimensional stability
• Special sizes on request
• Good acoustical properties (optional): with nearly invisible perforations