Avonite® Composite boards

The range of solid acrylic surfaces from Avonite includes many different designs and colours, to suit all kinds of projects. They can be used vertically or horizontally, for straight or curved lines, and they can be thermoformed into many different shapes.

With the "Right Size" programme, the solid acrylic surfaces from Avonite are produced wider, longer (or shorter) and in various thicknesses, which allows you to push the limits of traditional solid surfaces.

Functions and benefits of the solid surface:
• You can choose from over 100 designs
• Safe, hygienic and NSF-certified: Discrete joins leave bacteria no place to hide
• The surface can be repaired
• Can be thermoformed into curved and custom uses
• Obtainable in veined patterns
• From whites and beige to vibrant colours, from solid to large patterned surfaces, from solid colour to multicoloured, from opaque to transparent – your imagination alone sets the limits!
• Durable/renewable Avonite surfaces are highly resistant to chemicals – they can handle hard cleanings and sterilisation without the surface being changed or damaged, and they are easy to freshen up through polishing or sanding